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A/SA 516 Gr.70+N – Normalised and Resilience (+S5)

Fine grained structural steel for pressure vessels. A/SA 516 Gr.70+N steel is characterised by good weldability and high resistance to brittle cracking. These types are used above all for manufacturing vessels for pressurised gas (LPG, butane and propane tanks), pressure vessels, parts for steam boilers, pressure piping, compressors, etc. Their most widespread use is in application environments lower than -20 ēC.

A/SA 516 Gr.70+N steel is supplied in the normalised condition. The normalising temperature is 900 - 950 ēC, and it must be left in the furnace after temperature equalising for approximately 1 minute per millimetre of thickness of the plate. As a result, it offers good cold-forming and hot-forming properties without negatively affecting the material properties.

The fine grained structural steel in this series can be perfectly welded, both manually and using automatic equipment, by means of all known welding processes.

To give the structure of the product greater homogeneity, A/SA 516 Gr.70+N steel can also be supplied vacuum degassed.

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